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If you are getting ready to get dentures, obviously your life is going to change. But with a little effort, you can adjust to life with dentures in no time at all!

Your dentures are going to feel a little awkward at first, and maybe even a little bulky. Your mouth may produce a little extra saliva for a while. That is perfectly normal and will pass in time. They should not feel tight or cause you any pain, and if they do, you should contact our dentist, Dr. Anna Royzman and have them adjusted. It’s not uncommon to have your dentures adjusted or lined after you first get them.

Until you are used to wearing them, you may have some trouble eating and speaking. Try cutting your food into smaller portions, which should make eating easier. You can also cut your food into strips and chew on both sides of your mouth when it comes to tougher foods. Your dentures may make it difficult for you to speak some words at first. You should try practicing difficult words, or even singing along with the radio. Saying words in a rhythm is a great way to learn to speak with dentures. If your dentures are slipping or floating in your mouth, try exercising your cheek muscles.

With a little work, you will get used to your dentures in no time at all. If you need dentures, we can help. If you live in the West Palm Beach, Florida, area, you can call (561) 848-0087 to make your appointment at Prosperity Dental Group.