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Dental implants provide you with stable support for artificial teeth. There are a variety of reasons that you might need an artificial tooth including an avulsed tooth, a permanent tooth that never erupted or developed, age, or advanced tooth decay. Whatever the reason, a dental image may be the right thing to help you have the smile you’ve always wanted.

There are two types of dental implants that the ADA endorses as safe are:

– Endosteal Implants: This type of dental implant is set surgically into the jaw bone. Once the surrounding gum tissue has healed after the implant is surgically inserted, a second surgery connects a post to the implant. After this procedure, the artificial tooth (or teeth) is attached and grouped on a bridge or denture.

– Subperiosteal Implants: In the case of this type of dental implant, a metal frame is fitted to the jaw bone below the gum tissue where teeth are needed. As the gums heal from the surgery, the frame begins to fix itself to the jaw bone, and then posts are attached to the frame that protrudes through the gums. Then artificial teeth are attached to the post as with endosteal implants.

One benefit of having one of these procedures is that none of the surrounding teeth need to be ground down or prepared for the implant as in other procedures. Dental implants are a viable option for those that cannot wear ordinary bridges and dentures because of sore spots, pore ridges or gagging. Dental implants also help the artificial teeth feel more natural because they won’t slip or shift in your mouth.

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