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To help provide convenient service for our patients, Prosperity Dental Group utilizes the NOMAD Pro™ X-ray unit in West Palm Beach, Florida. The device is small and comfortable for the patient. This handheld device is also light and portable and allows the dentist to have greater maneuverability both in and out of the chair. The device works to provide an advanced system of radiography, all while preserving comfort for both doctor and patient.

The NOMAD unit also provides a number of programmable settings in order to better customize the patient’s treatment. These settings also allow for many different types of X-rays, so Dr. Anna Royzman and her team can treat and identify a variety of disorders before they develop. The shielding and design of the device reduces the amount of radiation to less than 1 percent of the allowed dosage, keeping both doctor and patient safer than traditional X-rays. If you would like to learn more about the NOMAD unit or would like to learn more about digital radiography at Prosperity Dental Group, call (561) 848-0087.